Brexit Agreement Text: Understanding the Key Points

The Brexit negotiations have been ongoing for several years and have been a topic of intense debate and speculation. Finally, on December 24, 2020, the UK and the EU reached a historic agreement that outlines the terms of their future relationship. This agreement is called the Brexit agreement text and it contains several key points that are important to understand.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most significant aspects of the Brexit agreement text and what they mean for the UK, the EU, and beyond.


One of the most hotly debated aspects of Brexit has been trade. The Brexit agreement text outlines a new trade agreement that will govern the UK and the EU’s future trade relationship. This agreement includes provisions for tariff-free and quota-free trade in goods, which means that UK businesses will be able to sell their goods to EU countries without facing additional tariffs or restrictions.

However, it’s important to note that the agreement only covers certain goods, and there are still significant changes that will impact the UK’s trade relationship with the EU. For example, UK businesses will now need to comply with new rules of origin requirements, which will determine whether their goods qualify for tariff-free treatment.


Another significant point in the Brexit agreement text is the issue of fisheries. This has been a major sticking point throughout the negotiations, with both sides struggling to find common ground. Under the new agreement, the UK will regain control of its waters and will be able to set its own fishing quotas.

However, EU boats will still be able to access UK waters for a certain period of time, with fishing quotas gradually decreasing over a five-and-a-half year period. After that, access will be renegotiated annually.


Another key issue in the Brexit negotiations has been borders. Under the new agreement, there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This was a key sticking point throughout the negotiations, as a hard border threatened to reignite tensions in the region.

Instead, Northern Ireland will remain within the UK’s customs territory, but will continue to follow certain EU rules to ensure that goods can move freely across the border. This arrangement will be subject to review every four years.


Finally, the Brexit agreement text addresses issues of security. The new agreement includes provisions for continued cooperation on security and law enforcement, including the exchange of information and the ability to participate in joint operations.

The agreement also includes provisions for data protection, which will ensure that data can continue to be exchanged between the UK and the EU.


The Brexit agreement text is a complex document that outlines the terms of the UK and the EU’s future relationship. While it’s a significant step forward in the Brexit process, there are still many questions to be answered and details to be worked out.

Overall, the agreement provides some clarity on issues such as trade, fisheries, borders, and security. However, it’s important for businesses and individuals to continue to monitor the situation and stay informed as details emerge.